One of the most important things I have learned over the past 30 plus years in this business and really in life in general. We are all partner’s and to make partnership’s work, weather business or personal. We need to value our partnership.
I look at the partnership in this industry as;

  1. You the Property Owner, Designer, Architect, or whoever is making the purchase.
  2. The Manufacture or Manufactures.
  3. Me and my company.

If the manufacture is not preforming in some way We all have a problem! Same as if I am not doing my part and keeping everyone informed and pushing as much as I can to resolve any issue. Now if you, the end user is not preforming, we again all have a problem!
The Partnership is Key and I am a Great Partner. I only need your trust and willingness to move forward on any projects as small or large that you are working on.
Important! I am not your average Manufactures Agent. I do represent manufactures with long term relationships and have for years. However, you may have special needs relating to your projects. And you do not see the type of product you are seeking on this website. I know so many sources in all categories and price ranges, both domestic and import.
Let me know what you are looking for and I will find the source and you will buy direct as always!
“To have one’s passion as a profession is true happiness” Alain Silberstein
Innovation Representation – Division of Fumonei LLC – CEO Edward Field